Thursday, March 20, 2014

All Kinds of Prodigal

I am cramming now for my son's grades for his assessment tomorrow. I have not been blogging (and thus, not earning). I have been hiding in our bedroom most days. I have been lacking in creativity in our activities. I have not been calm. My sons are both acting up because of me.

In short, I should be put on timeout.

And I just blogged now just so this blog will be revived. Hopefully, after this assessment, I will manage my time better and get back to blogging :)  And documenting.

It has been months.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ai Designs

My friend just recently launched her homebased business. She started by offering personalized gift tags at her shop I don't think she can already offer a multitude of printing requirements and options (like online envelope printing) yet but it's really a great start and her designs are impeccably classy and uncluttered.

I am blogging about her because it has been over two years since she egged me to write a breastfeeding storybook for my birthday... and I did. But I have yet to even submit it to anybody. Meanwhile, she, without meaning to, has launched an online business already.

Talk about taking risks and realizing dreams.

I should be more like her. 

It's my biggest struggle now... coming to terms with old and new dreams and embracing the fact that I did not stop being a person with my own wishes and talents just because I became a wife and mom.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No to Formula Donations Post Maring

This post might offend others even if my intention is for the greater good and there is no malice nor judgment involved in the writing of this quick blog post.

Hundreds of families will be finding themselves in temporary shelters and evacuation centers. Donations will be pouring in. One industry that is very quick to respond to this 'need' (or say, opportunity) is the milk company industry.

But please say it with me.... FOUL!

For one thing, breastfeeding missions we have conducted post-Ondoy showed us that many of the marginalized actually breastfeed to some extent (and let's face it, those from the middle class or upper class will have relatives to go to after losing their homes to flood). It is just a matter of empowering them to do it exclusively.

Breastfeeding is imperative during disasters and emergency situations, while donations of formula will undermine a mother's capability to provide a safe food for their infant (one that is sure to protect him from common illnesses they will inevitably pick up from those evac centers) and toddler/s. Plus, formula donations can pose real health risks in such situations wherein sterile water, equipment and enough formula will not be guaranteed. It is not a joke, evacuees have used portalet water, or gathered rain just to prepare formula. This is why an epidemic of diarrhea often follows such displacement.

If you really care about those people, do read this and be enlightened how to better help: Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies

Getting Kids Into Music

Yakee still has not had any formal training on an instrument yet. I want to adopt the Waldorf way of introducing that in First Grade, when he turns seven. And I will insist on a wind instrument for his lungs.

That does not mean, however, that we have not introduced him (or both boys) to musical instruments. Yakee has played with a recorder and harmonica, has broken enough drums, has a xylophone, broken two ukeleles, has played with a rainmaker and who knows what else.

These were hubs' gift to them from Malaysia... I love the marimba (the one the looks like the body of a guitar) and Yakee uses it to create background music when he feels there's a need for it. Yamee uses the drum as a drum, container for toys and step stool though. Haha.

So, in the years to come, I see our home playing host to guitars and bigger drums, maybe even a violin (I don't see Yakee playing it but can totally see Yamee doing so) or some Accordions at musician's friend for the two. Heaven knows he has expressed curiosity over harps and lyres as well.

Heaven help my ears! Haha.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

City Gardener

Homeschooling and a pursuit of a healthier lifestyle has made me realize the necessity of having my own garden to pluck leaves and what-nots from.  I sometimes check out tips from the Soothing Company Blog or get helpful concoctions from Facebook sharings but I sometimes don't have ingredients handy or prefer something simpler.

Want to deodorize a house? Get free coffee grounds given away by Starbucks. And then sprinkle some on your pots so their acidity will make your plants thrive better. Include the neighbors' or the street's plants in the process.

Got the sniffles? Set up a steamer alongside your kids while they're having some tub time with some lagundi leaves (which I thank our neighbor for). And make your kid drink oregano tea (I literally bought a plant just to pluck leave from, much to Yakee's dismay), or a tablespoon of oregano extract (steam oregano some and just squeeze juice out of it).

I boil pandan leaves to perfume the house... and later on use the tea to calm me down, or flavor gelatin with. Mixed with lemongrass, it's even better tea. Mixed with kalamansi and honey and iced... it's the same iced tea now being sold by Gawad Kalinga. Haven't figured out how to make my pandan plant grow really long leaves though.

Other potential ailments can be helped by our asitava plant, and I am glad it doesn't taste awful so I guess I can season salads and soups with its chopped leaves. 

 I even use our basil plant to make basil tea...or really make pesto pasta fragrant :)

This week, I shall try to grow Kangkong Upland (because I have not been succesful with okra) from seeds. Good luck to me!

Oh, I have So Much to Say

... but since I am cramming and sleepy, let this suffice for now:

Arrived home from a date with hubs late Friday night to this:

Left my sons this the foolowing morning since I have a breastfeeding thingie:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

MIL is Handy Womanny

MIL knows close to zilch about the net so she can't have possibly Googled things like  ceramic rings at to replace pump cylinders but she continues to amaze me about how Handy Manny-like she is. She can replace pumps, valves and whatever from water pumps to ovens. Her last project that bawled me over? Re-piping their entire house (she just hired me to drill the holes through the walls for her but she did all the sawing, measuring, designing and installation of  the pipes themselves) because she couldn't find which pipe is leaking. So now, every toilet in her house has a working bidet and all showers are working, and there are locks for each system should there be any repairs need to be done, thus eliminating the need to shut down the water supply in the entire house.

Brilliant eh?

I can only hope I will be half as service-able as she is. I have started with attempting to change gas tanks... haha. I have to do more and learn more because I need to set a good example for my own boys.