Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dengue Alert

Just heard it from the news:

Filipinos should be aware that the rains mean that dengue cases may rise. In fact, the projection is as much as 40,000 dengue cases.

This absolutely made my heart miss a beat... not only am I worried that some stagnant water somewhere in my neighborhood could lead to my child getting dengue (because even well-cared for babies/children do get stricken), but also because there are thousands of babies out there exposed to the elements who do not have access to proper medical care.

It took several days of high fever and trips to doctors and tests before my sister's dengue (which she likely caught while performing Nursing duty in QC) was diagnosed properly. And hospitals are sometimes filled to overflowing during dengue season. And even those who can afford medical care end up dead. So Filipinos should be more vigilant about this, we should be concerned.

And the government should help those who cannot help themselves.

Indeed, they should sue

Twins in Spain are suing the government of Canary Islands running the state hospital where they were separated at birth.

Imagine being raised separated from your twin.

Now, imagine being raised as a twin, when you're not, which happened to the third baby.

Of course, for sure, what happened had its advantages and disadvantages, but I can just imagine how it shakes the very meaning of all your memories, of all your experiences, of your very existence.

This brings to mind another story I read before of babies being switched. The problem was, one Mom was richer than the other one, so the difference in upbringing in terms of comfort was marked. Especially when you consider that one of the boys is sickly, and he ended with the 'poorer' Mom. The Moms agreed not to switch kids back... they'd rather have both boys in their care, but had to acknowledge the futility of having the other Mom give the other child up.

After all, how do you give your heart up?

And how can you say that this little child isn't yours anymore, when you slaved days and nights just to make him comfortable, just to make him feel secure, just to make him feel loved?

So the twins and the sister should sue. I just hope the justice system where they are is way better than the one where I am. The payment for the 'damages' they seek should make rebuilding their realities more easily.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Another One?

Well, why not? :)

Honestly, since I have been gently but firmly let go by Babiesonline (a little bit confused too, considering the other Mom bloggers they retained), I had nowhere else to go to post my Mommy-inspired finds and opinions.

And sure, I could post them in my wedblog/family blog... but my opinions and feelings on some matters do not necessarily reflect my husband's.

So here i've gone. Maybe I can also use this one to daydream about things I can never, and won't ever really, give my child... such as really expensive outfits that he'll outgrow all too soon. Or gadgets that will take away his need for actual human interaction.

MEc as Mom. For sure, i'd be fierce, maybe even irrational, but i'd always have a point. After all, I am Mom.