Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dengue Alert

Just heard it from the news:

Filipinos should be aware that the rains mean that dengue cases may rise. In fact, the projection is as much as 40,000 dengue cases.

This absolutely made my heart miss a beat... not only am I worried that some stagnant water somewhere in my neighborhood could lead to my child getting dengue (because even well-cared for babies/children do get stricken), but also because there are thousands of babies out there exposed to the elements who do not have access to proper medical care.

It took several days of high fever and trips to doctors and tests before my sister's dengue (which she likely caught while performing Nursing duty in QC) was diagnosed properly. And hospitals are sometimes filled to overflowing during dengue season. And even those who can afford medical care end up dead. So Filipinos should be more vigilant about this, we should be concerned.

And the government should help those who cannot help themselves.

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