Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Another One?

Well, why not? :)

Honestly, since I have been gently but firmly let go by Babiesonline (a little bit confused too, considering the other Mom bloggers they retained), I had nowhere else to go to post my Mommy-inspired finds and opinions.

And sure, I could post them in my wedblog/family blog... but my opinions and feelings on some matters do not necessarily reflect my husband's.

So here i've gone. Maybe I can also use this one to daydream about things I can never, and won't ever really, give my child... such as really expensive outfits that he'll outgrow all too soon. Or gadgets that will take away his need for actual human interaction.

MEc as Mom. For sure, i'd be fierce, maybe even irrational, but i'd always have a point. After all, I am Mom.

1 comment:

mari said...

congratulations on this new site ganda :) i'll be visiting here frequently :)