Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Grew in Mom's Ovary

Australian Mom gives birth to shock doctors because her full-term baby actually grew in her ovary, a rare case of ectopic pregnancy that did not cause complications.

Usually, a mother's health/life is threatened by an ectopic pregnancy especially if it is not detected early enough to be terminated. But in Meera Thangarajah's case, she was able to carry Durga up to thirty eight weeks without problem and it was only during the C-section operation that the medical miracle was discovered.

This should give trying to conceive (TTC) couples or those who suffered the loss of a child something more to pin their hopes on, to keep their faith burning... that a life intended to be lived by a Higher Power will beat the odds. Heaven knows there are all too many reasons why a life is sometimes denied or taken away... I like to believe that there is a perfect time for the gift of life... sometimes even different ways of being blessed by it too.

Miracles do happen. They just can't all happen to just one person... and all at the same time.

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Rocks said...

thank you for sharing this, I cried because I was overwhelmed with hope and I know God can do miracles, We will just wait in HIS perfect time. :)