Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Child Sexual Abuse in Texas

Children fed "silly pills" at what used to be a daycare center were also forced to put on sex shows for adults.

Can anything make your skin crawl worse than news like this?

And this cannot help but take me back to a CSI: Miami episode where a father was the one exploiting his own daughter in porn sites. And he said something like, "they're not abnormal. There will come a day that the world will realize that theirs is just a different kind of love...or fascination... that it isn't wrong... and there are many fathers/men like him..."

Talk about scared of the possibility.

And I couldn't help but think that we've already come a long way in accepting homosexuality, once also considered taboo... so could it really be possible? Incest and sexual preference for kids? Normal? Acceptable?

And in case people start jumping down my throat to point out that there's no point of comparison really other than homosexuality wasn't acceptable as well for a long time, in most societies, then may I just say that that is just it. We have broken down walls on a lot of things. We tolerate a hoard of many other things now. We sometimes call it 'wider perspective'. We call it liberation. We call it enlightenment. We call it progress.

Who's to stop us from going to other places... like a different frame of mind, a different belief system, a different value framework?

And how do we protect our kids in the meantime, when we, the adults, are also still testing and challenging our boundaries... if we still havent collectively set our definition of what is promiscuous and what is not?


Meanwhile, sexual misconduct is plaguing US schools. Chances are, it's a critical problem that needs to be addressed in the Philippine school system too.

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