Thursday, June 5, 2008

Get White, Mom

Let's face it.

Filipinas want to look white. Most do. It's a 'grass is greener at the other side of the fence thing', we crave to look white as Caucasians work for tans.

Which is why Glutathione is selling like hotcakes, not really because of its medical benefits (being an antioxidant) but because of its medical side effect (more flawless, whiter skin).

And what do you know, glutathione has been found to boost fertility and aid in a healthier pregnancy.

But does this mean pregnant and breastfeeding Pinays can take gluatathione supplements while gestating and lactating? It seems not. I suspect mainly because pregnant and lactating women (aside from children) are the last people studies would use as subjects.

I am actually concerned about how trendy the taking of glutathione supplements have become, with whispers of how celebrities take loads of it to facilitate more camera-friendly appearance. I'm just concerned about its negative side effects though, or at least, long-term effects. It can't be all good. And taking lots of it is tampering with your body's natural ability to produce it, or get it.

I'm sure our livers need all the help it can get, given our diets and lifestyles. But taking all these supplements is not a push in the right direction, it's a shove.

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