Monday, June 2, 2008

Jenny from the Block Didn't

Pamela Anderson Lee. Nicole Richie. Heidi Klum. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Gwen Stefani. Angelina Jolie. Keri Russell. Jennifer Garner. Naomi Watts. Julia Roberts. Tori Spelling. Salma Hayek. And many more celebrities breastfed their babies, giving them the best nutrition while also benefitting themselves by reducing their risks for certain cancers as well as facilitating the shedding of all pregnancy weight gained.

But not Jennifer Lopez. And the most she said in an interview went something like "I guess there are women who do and women who don't, I don't, my mother didn't..." :)

True. There are women who don't. And I have to be honest that I feel so bad for these women who decide willfully that they wouldn't. It's not really that I expect everyone to be excited about breastfeeding because it is a commitment that you make every day... and though women are naturally equipped to do it, breastfeeding success doesn't come naturally.

But I just really expect women who know better to do better. So learned women who are aware of its benefits but still opt not to breastfeed will always be a mystery to me. Essentially, it is passing the part of you that has already survived onto your offspring, isn't that a really beautiful and useful gift? Surely, that's more important than prams that cost more than a car, especially when you think of it in terms of THE BIG PICTURE?

So really, hurrah to Maggie Gyllenhaal and I really wish more celebs will do the same. I actually thought Angelina Jolie would be the first to make this statement.

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kat said...

just how many blogs to do you have?@! i keep discovering your "other" blogs all the time!

are you still a milk-machine? breastfeeding is hard and is definitely not for everyone! sometimes i wish i can detach my boob so the hubs can feed the baby girl! LOL!