Friday, June 13, 2008

What I Love Most About Being a Mom...

~ I am the prime authority on someone, and will remain so for many years. Although hubs is as involved as he possibly can, nothing can beat the privilege and responsibility of having carried my son, delivered him, breastfed him and cared for him. I knew him first, so I know him best.

~ That every month of May from here onwards, I am remembered by people to be part of an elite class deserving of flowers and baubles.

~ Being worshipped! Imagine being the most beautiful, smelling the most wonderful, offering the most security for someone!

~ Realizing how hard it really must have been for my own mother/parents, and having that final understanding/closure of/with the past.

~ The knowledge that I can do so many things and use, as reason, that I only did what I thought was best for my child... and no one will really be able to contest that.

~ The smiles, the cries, the babbles that are just for me. Am sure parents everywhere have noticed that their babies have different smiles, and they tend to anticipate softness and gentleness from their Moms so their smiles for Mommy are also of the softer kind.

~ Knowing I am my kid's first mentor.

~ Knowing I am my child's first and longest love.

~ Rising above the challenges.

~ Realizing my childhood dream.

~ Seeing proof everyday that there is a God or Higher Power.

I am not tagging anybody anymore because I actually owe tags and am finding it impossible to bloghop properly. But do read Mai's answers because they're really inspiring. I thank her for tagging me :)

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Mai said...

Hi Mec..thanks for doing the tag and sharing your thoughts. Your answers are equally inspiring as well. May bagong blog ka pala...will add this up on my roll. :)