Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Reason to not like Reborns

Lifelike reborn dolls got police panicking in an incident in Australia when the owner left the dolls inside a car.

I find reborns creepy, in all honesty. Yes, I am impressed at how extremely lifelike they are but would rather dolls look like dolls, and grieving/longing people care for dogs or do volunteer work to manage their depression.

And now this. Getting people upset because your toy (or collectible) was mistaken to be an actual human in danger of dying. There should be a law drafted to penalize owners for causing similar anxieties and offense (in case owners hold their reborn dolls using one foot and upside down) in others. Otherwise, people might start assumming every out-of-the-ordinary they see is a reborn doll and fail to save a life.

It's like a "boy who cried wolf" modern-day nightmare waiting to happen.

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