Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How Names Have Changed

Live Science reports how Most Popular Baby Names have Changed Dramatically, which is why nobody raised an eyebrow anymore when Nicole Kidman named her newborn daughter Sunday Rose.

Here in the Philippines, I must say that I silently cringe whenever I discover another baby to be named Sophia (or Sofia). I know, it's such a pretty name which is probably why it is so popular. And given that Maria used to be attached to little girl's names for many years (Maria Theresa, Ma. Victoria, Mari Rose, Mary Grace, Marijoy, Jean Marie, etc), I really shouldn't object to parents naming their child with something that is so common.

I cringe more though when parents don't consider their surnames in naming babies... and pick much-too-foreign-sounding ones. Weird/uncommon ones are okay, as long as they go well with the surname. That's how a person's name gets character anyway, when it sounds like a complete package.

Then again, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin says a name is just noise.

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