Thursday, July 24, 2008

I read it from Tin

... that Pinoy Moms Network is up again, having just transferred to a new server.

I believe I wanted to join them last year (not sure if I have, and can I really blame anesthesia for this forgetfulness?) but wasn't sure if I could commit to their demands (one entry per week, which I didn't think I could handle then, hehe, maybe because I didn't know how consumed i'd be with motherhood just yet... but then again, I am really overwhelmed by it now and mis-managing my time generally... and I have got to stop rambling).

But anyway, I hope to join them (where else to find legions of fellow SAHMs?) finally and take advantage of the blog exposure they give to Mom Blogs. :)

What about you, care to join?


Nick Ballesteros said...

Thanks for the invitation but I have to decline. hehehe! Just dropping by po

Christianne said...

Nag-contribute ka na sa Tech Momma so you're more than qualified to be a member (maraming sumali pero di nagsusulat ng article, they just post link to their blogs) :)

raqgold said...

as christianne said, you've already contributed an article in one of the subsections, so you are already actually, a member :) make it official by registering at the main site and take your time with posting