Saturday, July 19, 2008

Loving Vivienne Marcheline

Yup. Angelina Jolie has given birth to her twins (5th and 6th children with hunky, yummylicious Brad Pitt) last July 12 I think.

I am not so hot with the son's name Knox Leon (it makes me think of the gelatin brand I use for my cathedral windows dessert) but I guess it does go with Maddox and Pax :) And yes, I am wondering if he will grow up as hot and smoldering as his parents.

But I truly love the girl's name Vivienne Marcheline. Marcheline came from Jolie's Mom. It's not so girly a name and it doesn't sound like a dominatrix or porn star name. And it's really a surprise that I liked it because i've never liked the names of the other kids (especially Shiloh's), except maybe Zahara (and from pictures i've seen, it seems she's the one who managed to channel Jolie's dark, seductive, mysterious and out-of-reach air).

Anyway, may Jolie and Pitt really raise these kids well.

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