Thursday, July 10, 2008

PPBC: Baby, When You Grow Up

PPBC 5 topic is "What would you like your children to be when they grow up, and why?"

I really would like to have at least one of my kids to take up medicine because there aren't doctors from my side of the family. It would be great to have someone to get free consultations from, or at least serve as sounding board and check and balance for all the medical thingies that we deal with in life.

BUT... more than that, what I really hope my kids will do is travel the world more than I, and my husband, ever did. I want them to be outdoorsy, to go camping in several countries, to really immerse themselves in different cultures, to wake up with the rising sun from all over the world.

I want them to experience things they will get to read in books. I want them to see animals in the wild. I want them to see ethnic groups in their local settings, and to taste authentic cooking right from the hearths of other people's homes, in obscure and far-flung villages.

I want them to say they have lived and are alive because of all they have seen and felt and heard. I want them to be humbled by everything they will experience, because seeing the world will help them put things in perspective.

And lastly, I want them to travel far and wide and still know their way home.


Angel said...

You have wonderful dreams for your children. I hope all of them will come true.

Thanks for joining PPBC 5th edition. Watch out for the post about all the entries.

Angel said...


Finally, the summary of PPBC 5th edition has been posted.

Thanks for joining.