Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Treat your Mom!

Old Swiss Inn is due for another Rollback treat for its patrons so treat your Moms to their favorite sausages and s'mores this August.

And remember, you shouldn't be asking yourself for a reason to treat Mom. Even if you tell her everyday how much you love her, and eventhough she'd be the first to scrimp, and save and budget money...nothing really beats the feeling of being pampered, thought of ands pent on (and it's not like you have to spend thousands for this).

Trust me. I just missed a wedding because I was feeling sorry for myself for not having the right accessories to wear along with my old dresses. It was a big deal for me to look great because I didn't want my husband's colleagues to see me so poorly dressed/kept, what with my husband being a manager and all... and it was my fault really. When I got preggy, I stopped investing on ME.

Motherhood makes it soooo easy to stop investing on oneself. SAHMhood all the more so. Hopefully, I will do better in the coming days.


Meanwhile, here are some ideas for fellow SAHMs to get them earning from home.

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Mai said...

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