Thursday, July 3, 2008


My son ran a fever for days and I found myself torn between insisting on more lab tests to find out what's wrong with him, and not, lest he ends up being subjected to unncessary procedures.

But the true realization I gleaned from this hard week is that I should trust my instincts more... not just because i'm my child's mother, and not just because I stay home with him, but also because I am a smart Mom. I mean, I am not operating on pure instinct alone, nor guided by old wives' tales. I was educated well. I was raised thinking so I should have more confidence in what I know.

One other thing is that I should trust more my (our) choice of pedia. Because he is a good pediatrician, reknowned acually in the country.

Ahhh... now if only I can quiet the fears and insecurites of being a first-time parent.

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