Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your Baby's Sweet Tooth May be Your Fault

It was reported that Diet Influences The Taste Of Breast Milk.

Weirdly enough, I have noticed that my son is happiest to latch after I have consumed a criminal amount of sweets. Yikes. And yes, he hates nursing after i've eaten anything with garlic.

So, although a mother's diet does not really affect the nutritional content of breast milk (which is why it's so wonderful and magical), what we eat does affect our milk's nutritional value. And no, am not saying that we should always eat sweets so our babies will nurse more. Actually, this should be a call for us to lessen the sweets intake so as not to predispose our babies to liking sweets. And we could maximize this phenomenon by eating more veggies so our babies will grow up with a tendency to like vegetables!

* Please note that a mother's diet affects the amount of breastmilk she produces. Poor nutrition will ultimately result in decreased production no matter the direct feeding. It's only logical, the body needs nutrients to make nutrients.

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