Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Baby Registry for Moms-in-Need

Celebrity Mom Nicole Richie is starting a Baby Registry for Moms-in-Need through the foundation she started (Richie-Madden Children's Foundation).

Quite a turnaround for someone who was drunk driving once on the wrong side of the highway!

Hopefully, local celebrity moms will take after her and use their influence in helping out others in need (instead of out-gifting within their circle). Actually, even a registry for hand-me-downs could go a long way... since rich and middle-class babies seldom really wear their stuff out (as they grow way too fast).


I have been passing my son's clothes and shoes to my SIL and my MIL's churchmate. Every three months or so, I go through his wardrobe and grit my teeth as I divide everything that no longer fits him, and everything he doesn't use anymore, into two piles to give away.

However, I keep forgetting that we do intend to have another baby (or two) so I really should save some.

And no, I haven't given away his stroller and rocker yet, eventhough he never liked using them. I'm still hoping that he'd be convinced that they're actually nice to sit in.

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