Friday, August 15, 2008

Thoughts on Homebirths

TIME recently examined the ongoing debate surrounding home births.

I actually take no sides on this issue. I applaud people who are for the most natural of environments possible when they deliver their babies but I don't hold them in higher regard than those who prefer hospitals. I actually raised the possibility of giving birth in a lying-in clinic but given my strong allergy history and worrywart of a husband, that was dropped. Plus, it turned out my pregnancy will be a difficult one.

But would I consider a home birth? Nope. I considered, even fantasized, giving birth while kneeling (because it seems common in England and it makes sense that gravity might facilitate the baby's coming out) but I never considered a home birth. I don't have that much faith in circumstance. I know that if ever something happens during or after a home birth, be it a minor complication like an infection or a major one like death, I would also be blaming the home birth.

Plus, i've realized that even lying-in clinics won't do for me. I simply don't want to invite the accidents and hassles that could happen on my way to a fully-staffed and equipped hospital.

So yeah, I could probably do deliveries cheaper but i'd still rather pay extra for hospital care. And I don't mean it always has to be the top hospital in the country... but it has to be in a hospital I trust (and can sue, if ever?) :)

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