Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids and Motorcycles

Hubs and I have been discussing the wisdom of kids and motorcycles. See, if our kids are already adults and they want to ride one, we really don't have a say on that anymore. But what if they're still young? Would we let them on one, even the kiddie ones?

My husband is torn about this. Sometimes, he'd be thinking if he and our son can learn to build it from scratch (like that father and sons, American Choppers?) and would wonder where he can get his hands on some Harley parts, other times, he'd be adamant that no kid of ours will be allowed to put himself in that kind of risk.

Well, the kid is only turning one. I say we have time to discuss some more.

Preparing for Halloween

I would be shameless and say that I am absolutely giddy with excitement over the coming Halloween. My son already has three costumes (tiger costume, Hogwarts uniform, Gryffindor Quidditch robe) and I have been scouting for trick or treating activities around the city. Plus, we're sure to go trick or treating at Ayala, Alabang, where it has been a tradition for decades now and where villagers really go out of their way in decorating their yards and providing good treats to knocking ghouls and angels.

I'm excited. It's times like these that all the antsy nights and growth spurts and teething woes and breastfeeding struggles become all worth it, because I have a beautiful baby to doll up. And yes, it helps that he's a very outgoing boy who actually revels in the attention.

I'm excited. Have I already said that? :)

Now, i'm just thinking of halloween treats to buy which we'd give in turn at my BIL's house. My SIL bought lots of Divi treats last year and we do have a lot of candies already here at home (all bought in the US, courtesy of my parents) but am thinking, maybe I should have bought more of the prize thingies for my son's party so I can use them on Halloween too.

Oh, and my friends who have babies are also all excited about my son's party.

So yes, Halloween equals excited moms.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Was I Too Posh to Push?

I sometimes can't help it. I feel slightly embarassed about having a CS delivery and never experiencing labor.

But I swear, despite my low pain tolerance, I didn't think i'd need a C-section. I mean, all my female kin were able to deliver vaginally! 10-pound babies and twins were delivered by aunts and cousins normally!

I think I was around my 36th week when I was hit by the fact that i'd be in soooo much pain (labor) soon. I was lying in bed then, reading a book, and I started feeling scared and weepy. I was fearful of the pain, wondering how i'd tolerate it, how traumatized i'd be by the experience. From then onwards, i'd be like that every night. Plus, being a first-time Mom, I was scared that I might miss the fact that I was already in labor (like mistake real contractions for Braxton Hicks).

Well, I never had much of Braxton Hicks either. I delivered at 40 weeks and 4 days so I reached the cannot stand up by myself and the achy va-j-j walls part. And yes, my back and hips were killing me. And yes, there were times when my whole tummy froze up in pain, and i'd whimper, but that would only happen once or twice at night, and not even every night. And never while I was sleeping. Its getting leg cramps that were truly the most horrible for me that time, and I only got two or three during the latter part of my last month.

But okay... why did I deliver via C-section?

The short answer we usually give is... baby was overdue. Which, technically, he wasn't because he's actually allowed to stay inside till 42 weeks. He was postmature.

But he was also a polyhydramnios case. A high level of amniotic fluid usually suggested a congenital anomaly or gestational diabetes.

Baby also didn't lighten or engage. My cervix ripened (I think) but remained closed. In short, inducing him would be reckless at that point... and the chances of me going into labor within a week was slim. Meanwhile, waiting a week more would mean a bigger, pooping baby who might have some congenital anomaly. Talk about risks. Talk about possible breastfeeding struggles.

I looked at my husband and we didn't have to really talk about it anymore. That was around 7 PM of October 06. Our OB started looking for available ORs and we luckily got the 9 AM slot the following day at Asian Hospital.

So, was I too posh to push? I actually don't think so. If at all, I was too scared of risks, maybe, or too impatient. After all, I know some who delivered babies at 42 weeks normally (but let's not talk about their episiotomies, hehe). But I couldn't risk it. I couldn't risk my baby's life, not when we had enough money to make sure we didn't have to.

And I think, hubs just didn't want my life to be put at risk either...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Air to Breathe, Space to Grow

One of the hazards of being a SAHM is staying home day in and day out. The routine can get to you. And the constant proximity can frustrate you and your child. Have you noticed how even your darling baby sometimes prefer anyone over you?

Air to breathe. Space to grow. We all need that. So us Moms, we need time away. If only to get pedicures or a massage. I don't super stock up on things sometimes just to have an excuse to go out. Even for only an hour or two.

But like what I commented on a friend's post, the best part of being away is coming home to a child that missed you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In need of Beautification

This Mom seriously needs some acne blemish treatment!!! Ever since my period came back, i've been dealing with acne again (and major PMS tantrums and cravings). It annoys and upsets me all the more that my face is getting ravaged again when my son's birthday party is already coming up. We hired the services of a wonderfully talented photographer but I fear that i'd look oily and scarred and certainly not my best on the day.

That will compromise our family pictures!

And I really hate having to Photoshop those flaws away.


Hopefully my skin clears a little after i've had my period already... which should really come asap too, it's some ten days due!

Lots of Suri

(Source: babyrazzi)

If you check celebrity baby blogs, you're sure to find lots of pictures of Suri Cruise. Isn't she cute?

I think she looks more like Mommy Katie. And I think sometimes she actually likes (or is used to) the paparazzi. Maybe it's because they've been staying in New York where the paps are many and watching their every move (and katie seems to bring her everywhere).

Anyway, she's really cute. I hope she wouldn't grow messed up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Make-ups

Sisters at N@W have recently talked about make-up, the must-haves and even lessons. Some have shared tips on what works best for them, which foundation lasts, and the touch-ups that really brighten up one's face.

And just like paint, there is even airbrush make-up these days, which supposedly looks more natural. Or mineral make-up. Of course, I am clueless as to what those are but I was reminded that I need to buy new ones for myself. My pressed powder/foundation is over a year old already, same with the two lipsticks I use.

I'm thinking of buying eyeliners and shadows but know that am not really going to use those most of the time, especially since I seldom go out nowadays. Heck, I even use my son's anti-rash baby powder most of the time (and his colognes and lotions too).

Well, I think I can use a good concealer too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chinese Milk

Because the death toll has increased to four already from milk from China, recalls for other products that used China milk have begun.

If the text message I got is to be believed, there were a lot of ice creams (like Magnum) and chocolates (M&Ms, Snickers and Dove) that are being recalled.

This should bring about a greater vigilance and advocacy for breastfeeding, aside from stricter rules and monitoring from food and drug authorities. After all, everything is being manufactured in China now.

And if the four deaths still doesn't grab attention, consider the 6,000 babies that are sick because of melamine contamination. 6,000 babies!!! 6,000 infants that could have been spared had their parents been informed and supported to breastfeed instead of formula feed.


Monday, September 22, 2008

On Stretch Marks

First of all, expecting Moms should face the facts. Stretch marks is a fact of pregnancy. It cannot be prevented nor can it be removed (the most is, it can be improved and lightened). Factors affecting just how horrid it will be include skin elasticity, genetics, diet, weight gain, environment and lifestyle.

They say, Vitamin E-rich lotions help. Some swear by the use of virgin coconut oil, some swear by cocoa body butter.

I opted for lots of lotion and cocoa body butter. And I used Body Shop's and Palmer's. If truth be told, I prefer Body Shop's. It is more expensive but it really gives one a smoother, softer skin within days of use. Plus, it's more spreadable and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. And it beats Palmer's scent by a mile.

So, if a Mom asks me how best she can pamper herself, i'd really suggest she invest on Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter. She'd feel and smell delicious in no time, which would be small consolation but consolation just the same, for the trying times of raising kids.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Waste of Lotion

Motherhood sometimes feels like a waste of lotion, especially on one's hands, mainly because I end up having to wash my hands all the time anyway. The minute I put some on, say, after taking a bath... my son will poop so i'd have to wash him. Or he'd drop something which he intends to put back on his mouth, so i'd wash it first. Or he'd end up with a dirty, sticky face and i'd have to wash him.

Pregnancy Glow

I battled with acne all my life, and it seems the only acne cure that will really work well for me was to get pregnant.

Yes, I enjoyed the pregnancy glow. My hair was shinier and more manageable. My skin became less flawed and more clear. Good for me, really, because the pregnancy mask is not always wonderful for all pregnant women. Heck, sometimes, they even vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. And no, it's also not even true that it automatically follows that clearer skin means you're having a girl, and blotchy skin with acne and warts mean you're having a boy (because I had a boy and I looked the most beautiful when I was preggy, but my Mom looked all kinds of fugly when she was having my younger sister).

And yes, regardless of whether you look better or not, hormones are the culprit.

And it is actually quite sad to only look glowing when you're pregnant, because ultimately, your hormones sort themselves out and you get back to your natural look. Most of the warts and acne disappear within two months or so after the delivery, so some mommies shouldn't be alarmed or that terribly concerned.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Personalized Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and one of the things Moms usually take charge of is shopping for all the Christmas presents, from gifts to nieces and nephews to your kids' teacher or crush (and yes, they're sometimes one and the same).

Can Christmas gifts come in the form of personalized gifts as well? Of course, they can! One idea i've thought of, a spin off really of dressing up your kids' textbooks, is giving away books to all and personalizing these by dressing them up in their own digiscrapped covers. Just use the recipient's own picture, or wordart of a fave quote from the book, or your dedication fluorished with swishes and curls for the cover. And you don't really have to design 100 different covers, you can just design a template and edit it accordingly for each recipient.

Take advantage of book sales and Booksale for cheaper-priced books... and spread good cheer and reading for the Holidays.

Gift Wishlist

Since my son's birthday is coming up and I have been informally inviting friends already, they, in turn, have been asking me what gifts I want my son to get on his birthday.

Since I haven't shopped for new clothes for him, I ask for clothes. I appeal for bigger sizes because boys wear bigger sizes and babies grow up so fast. I also appeal for cute outfits and that they come in colors other than blue.

Other than clothes, I also ask for toys, preferably educational ones. If you ask hubs though, he'd probably suggest remote control helicopters or action figures, hehe. And of course, books. A child can't have too many books, even if he's like my son who only uses the ones he have to gnaw at.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Saw Your Yaya

I Wish There's One Here.

Well, okay, some Moms might just get all the more stressed if there's a local version of I Saw Your Nanny given all the yaya horror stories i've heard.

Plus, abusive yayas are less likely to maltreat their ward in public, where others can record it on video for all to see later. But the idea of having other people watching your back (in this case, your kid really) is sure nice.

Me, I can't imagine at all what i'd do to someone who maltreats my child. But am sure i'd go warfreak on them like other moms.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Breastfeed for Good Bacteria

Special attention to Moms expecting C-sections or those who underwent one.

If you're like me who subscribes to Readers Digest Asia, there is an article at the last page about how normal births lead to infants coming into contact with a mother's good bacteria as the baby passes through her vagina, which in turn stimulates the baby's immune system.

Babies delivered via C-section are deprived of this opportunity because they are delivered in a super sterile way. Which is why, breastfeeding them is all the more important and necessary so that their immune system will be jumpstarted by the good bacteria in mommy's milk.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eat Fish and Breastfeed Longer

A study in Denmark has found that a mom's diet of more fish during the pregnancy (so long as it's not tuna sashimi and other sushi) and breastfeeding a baby longer are linked to better physical and cognitive development in infants.

Quoting the article from Medical News Today:

"The children whose mothers ate the most fish during pregnancy were more likely to have better motor and cognitive skills. For example, among mothers who ate the least fish, 5.7% of their children had the lowest developmental scores at 18 months, compared with only 3.7% of children whose mothers had the highest fish intake. Compared with women who ate the least fish, women with the highest fish intake (about 60 grams - 2 ounces - per day on average) had children 25% more likely to have higher developmental scores at 6 months and almost 30% more likely to have higher scores at 18 months. "

Now, isn't it lucky that fish is super abundant here in the Philippines? Sure, gone are the days when they're cheaper than other meats (because they no longer are, even the lowly galunggong already costs over P100/kilo... except maybe in the provinces where they are caught) but it's still really great that we've been blessed with such an abundance of fresh water and salt water fish. They even throw away giant tuna caught in Calapan because there isn't means available to trade them in Manila in place just yet.

So Moms... eat fish! I know fish is one of the more common aversions during pregnancy but that usually lasts for up to the first trmester only. Plus, you can make do with fresh water fish like milkfish and tilapia. Or you can be creative in cooking up your fish.

nd as always, breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed!

Losing Weight Post-Partum

Before embarking on a quest for diet pills that work post-partum, a mother shoould know that breastfeeding already goes a long way in helping get her back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Seriously.

Of course, certain body parts will sag and be lumpy at first (except your boobies), which you'd really have to tone later, when you are already allowed to really exercise. My tummy wouldn't ever be flat anymore, I guess, but after losing forty pounds, it seemed flat to me (and everyone).

Too bad I gave in to the return of my cravings so i've gained some twelve pounds back, and all in my tummy area (so yeah, am now sporting a preggy-looking pouch again, and it jiggles).

But the point is, breastfeeding is also best for losing weight and keeping the weight off. My son's milk intake has lessened since he started taking solids which meant, I couldn't eat as much anymore because i'm also not burning as many calories in milk production.

Diet and exercise also helps. And yes, in time, maybe even a diet pill when you've weaned your baby.

Books, Books, Books

Amazon books is one of those sites am sure moms really frequent. After all, it's the first site to browse for pregnancy and baby books. Plus, friends have been generally satisfied about shipping and how their orders have been handled.

I believe Amazon also sells previously-owned copies and you can register or work (like blog reviews) for Amazon gift certificates. That already saves you on book expenses and you'd still get to read to your heart's content.

But do check the Manila Book Fair happening this weekend. Am sure there'd be a lot of titles there to choose from, especially from up and coming authors with fresh takes on the usual subjects.

Mommies Who Wish to Tell Tales Better

You might want to attend the 25 Ways to Entice Children with Stories: a workshop on storytelling, happening this coming Saturday, September 13, at SMX.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hollywood and Twins

Dennis Quaid had them. Jlo also did as well as Brangelina, Marcia Cross, Julia Roberts and Geena Davis.

Now they say even Ashlee Simpson is expecting twins!

Jerry O'Connell is also expecting twins with wife Rebecca. Lisa Marie is also expecting twins. Arggh.

I'm envious :D Am sure, though, that aside from possible IVFs, these twins are mainly coming about because the mommies are getting older and older... and really, it's them that can afford these twins anyway.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. It's just really a romantic notion I keep dreaming about but won't really mind if it never happens to me. After all, I can barely make it every day with my one son :D

Baby Magazine November Theme

Baby Magazine's November theme is FUNNY FACE and deadline of submissions is this September 20. Send 300-dpi quality pics via e-mail to babymaggallery@yahoo.com asap with your name, baby's name and age!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Mother's Best Friend

Or should I say, a highly-allergic Mom's best friend?

Vacuum cleaners are, that is. Not only are vacuum cleaners nifty gadgets to help make cleaning easier, they also really help reduce the incidences of allergies at home. Allergic reactions to dust and molds, like asthma and rhinitis, are the most common and requires the most vigilance to avoid.

So, really, thank heavens for inventions like these. Now, I need not sneeze my head off and worry about compromising my son's safety (try going up and down the stairs carrying a child with a groggy, woozy head). What's more, I also need not worry about my son developing hypersensitivity to the same allergens.

Mommy Makeover

Normal, average women usually let themselves go at the latter stages of pregnancy. After all, who cares anymore about looking good when you're not feeling good anymore, no matter what you do, from all the edema and heaviness of the baby and the waddling when you walk, and the lack of sleep and Braxton Hicks...

I can go on and on and on.

And normal, average women also don't care about their appearance after their baby is born, because the hormones come crashing and the baby needs feeding and diapering and comforting and singing to. Usually, we're just too exhausted emotionally and physically to pay attention to our looks.

But we do wake up from the stupor that is post-partum depression and start getting makeovers. I started with pedicures and hair spa. Then two months from delivery, I srtated getting massages again... Six months after, I started using derm products on my face again for my stubborn, post-adolescent acne (which went away when I was preggy, sigh). Then I finally agreed to a hair rebond.

Baby steps, all of these, to making sure I don't look washed out and pitiful. I'm even slowly overhauling my wardrobe and buying sexy outfits again (instead of frumpy wifely/motherly fashion).

I have yet to get my body scrub though. And i've agreed to get some nail art done for my son's birthday.

Celebrities get highlights, lifts and tucks, liposuction and botox and even new breasts. Had I the money, i'd probably still opt for weekly massages since I keep forgetting to schedule appointments.

Anyway, how about you, how did your post-partum mommy makeover go?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More on Jolie's Post-Partum Woes

... i'm not really obsessed but of course, I'm fascinated.

Anyway... here's a video of some news segment speculating that Angelina Jolie is having problems adjusting to her twins, who are also being reported as colic (I know, can you say yikes?!).

Will you breastfeed a calf?

This is a very nicely written article that hopefully will enlighten more people and rid them of their prejudice against wet nurses or the practice of wet nursing.

I once ranted about how some hospitals defeat the breastfeeding process (or at least, delay its success) and said in my post there that PGH and Fabella at least are better, because they generally make sure all babies who are hungry get attached to a breast, even if it's not their mother's... and every able and willing mother is breastfeeding, even if it's not their baby.

One or two commenters on that post found the idea repulsive especially since there is formula, after all. Why give the breast milk of someone else? I granted that the idea may seem controversial and unusual but i've always known that's how it's been done for centuries. That's how the human race survived, women came to the rescue of other women (same principle in employing the services of a doula).

Breast is best... so really, why give cow's milk?

Does this mean I would just readily let my son nurse from someone else? Maybe not... but it's kinda pointless to contemplate that since we're breastfeeding just fine. And I think, any resistance from my end would stem more from jealousy, that the magic and intimacy of breastfeeding him will be shared with someone else. Sort of like losing territory.

Then again, when you think about it... couldn't nursing from someone else's breast be more rewarding than being formula fed by someone else? After all, breastfeeding's benefits go beyond what you get from the milk itself. It's bonding time, it's touch therapy.

And one can always get/buy pumped milk anyway... but that takes away from the emotional and psychological benefits of breastfeeding.

Sometimes, i'd encounter requests for milk donation from people whose babies are born with congenital problems... and these parents know that breastmilk alone can fortify their babies to triumph over whatever medical malady it was that needed conquering. Why should it be different for healthy babies? Don't they deserve the best, or second best, just because they're healthy?

So... if the rumors were true that Claudine Baretto and Kris Aquino hired wet nurses because they had to get lipo and whatever... I only pass judgement on them prioritizing the beauty makeovers, but actually like that they did give the next best thing.

Anyway, this post does not hope to get all mothers exchanging babies with other moms when it comes to breastfeeding. But I really think it is an option that should be considered more and supported by the government and private sector.


Hopefully, however, I have not yet become annoying in my breastfeeding advocacy.


Oh, and I want to tell the author of the article that giving formula may have prolonged the pain she was dealing with. Hehe.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Unexpected Expat Lives

Mainly because of the globalization happening, where opportunities everywhere can be grabbed by anyone, it is not anymore unusual to find yourself living an expat life.

But what of Moms who aren't SAHMs and would still like to continue working instead of just staying home in a foreign country? Well, they are actually more than welcome to take advantage of relaxed policies when it comes to working abroad. Sure, companies will still screen you and all but more and more are willing to sponsor you and work visas are easier to get nowadays.

Hubs got a job in Massachusetts? Then submit those Boston resumes asap so arrangements for your interview can be made asap as well. Who knows, you may even land a job already before you and your family gets there and you need not worry overmuch about the conversion rates and your savings running out.

Lose Weight, Mommy

One of the issues women struggle with is weight loss, especially after a pregnancy.

Good thing there's breastfeeding, which helps us burn much, much more calories that it's easy to be back to our pre-pregnancy weight in just two months. Some even shed the weight in as little as two weeks (I lost 12 pounds in two weeks, 20 pounds in six weeks). Actually, when you start hitting those growth spurt months of three to six months after the birth, when baby's appetite gets ludicrously ravenous, you might even end up looking emaciated! Breastfeeding and all the lack of sleep got me to lose over forty pounds...

... so expecting Moms, you should really rethink breastfeeding as the only option!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Raising Son: Not-so-Urgent But Important

I am seriously having issues with time management and juggling time between my son and my schoolwork.

I actually have the option of standing my ground and letting him be attended to by my cousin every afternoon so I can do what I have to do. But that might also require me to leave the house everyday because when he sees me, he involves me. I get distracted with all the diapering/changing, feeding, running after him, playing with him, watching cartoons with him and teaching him tricks stuff that I cannot concentrate at all on schoolwork. Try reading "Teacher Education Guidelines: Using Open and Distance Learning" with a cute baby toddling up to you, to kiss you, or show you the latest thing he's put in his mouth.


Generally, I do get to study at night... but pulling an all-nighter affects my temper during the day. Plus, it just really doesn't do to be tired and sleepy when you have to attend to a toddler. That's just inviting accidents.

Anyway, some might say that playing with my son isn't a very urgent thing right now. And that would be true. But playing with him is a very important thing. Not doing so undermines the principle behind me quitting my job to stay home for him. Plus, he'd only be this sweet and cute for a short period of time... already, he is becoming less and less needy.

I know I should try harder to manage my time. But in my heart of hearts, I als know it wouldn't be, it shouldn't be, at the expense of my time with my son.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post-Partum Angelina

It's being reported that Angelina has required medical attention from exhaustion over her twins.

For one, I really don't believe that they don't get all the help they need, mainly because they can afford it. But I also believe that Angelina Jolie tries to be as hands on as she can. She's one of the few celebs who I really think takes care of her kids, and not just uses them as fodder for paparazzi pics. And since she has six kids already, ages seven years old and below, i'd actually have been more surprised to see reports of her just cruising along through all of their demands.

Plus, I know how exhausting breastfeeding is. And how not all babies got to read the manual on sticking to schedules. Multiply that by two and post-partum depression is likely to get doubled as well.

I remember, during the first two months, I cried lots. Mind you, I still cry sometimes. But even then or now, despite all the exhaustion and bitterness, I really wouldn't want to not be a Mom again.

I love being Mom. I always wanted to be a Mom.


may I direct you to what I thought the best thing is about being a Mom?

New Credit Card Blog

My friend shared the link to me first. She was all rave and praises for this new credit card blog, because it is very useful for people looking for credit cards as there are so many to choose from.

So I checked it out and indeed, it can prove very useful for people who want to read reviews of the best credit card offers. I especially love all the 'Did You Know?' posts.

So Moms, do check it out. It's another internet tool for us budget-savvy species.

Mommies and Security

I know fathers are always bent on providing for their family. But I find that it's really the women who are adamant about security, their own and their kids'. So we're more likely to be the ones reviewing life insurance rates, education plans, credit card incentives and the ones more likely to keep an expense log.

Some Moms I know even maintain cash flow statements for their families. I also actually do, but I update it every three months or so.

And I know Moms like to shop but I also know for a fact that we're also big on savings. And medical insurance. And knowing where to get the money for bills and anticipated expenses. Our financial forecasting is legendary.

Which is why most Moms, though they'd really rather stay at home to raise their own kids firsthand, would opt to continue working because they like having a say in the cash in-flow, and do not want to be at the mercy of a one-income family and all the risks of being one.

So, although I am a SAHM, I really feel for those Moms whose hearts ache every morning as they leave their cuties behind. And I thank God everyday that I can enjoy my situation, that I am privileged to do so.

But that's not to say I don't deal with my own security issues. But generally... we have covered the more important bases.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mompreneurs, do your research!

I know of moms who have turned into entrepreneurs, especially those who have quit their jobs to stay at home most of the time to spend more time with their babies. But with the economic problems affecting our nation, we're all inclined to seek part-time jobs and sidelines to make the family's budgeting and planning a little easier for us. After all, the less resources you have, the harder the budgeting and planning can be.

Anyway, the W@Wies I knew (who are N@Wies now) who are mompreneurs can do their research at a familiar place, or rather, event. The Wedding Expo in Manila would be a fabulously fun venue to see what's selling like hotcake and how they can improve their own services according to what's trendy and hip right now. Besides, Moms are the best people (biased opnion, I know) to cut costs without sacrificing quality and aesthetics, so they're sure to find ways to provide the same services/wares (or similar) at cheaper prices.

Hopefully, i'd see you Moms there!