Thursday, September 25, 2008

In need of Beautification

This Mom seriously needs some acne blemish treatment!!! Ever since my period came back, i've been dealing with acne again (and major PMS tantrums and cravings). It annoys and upsets me all the more that my face is getting ravaged again when my son's birthday party is already coming up. We hired the services of a wonderfully talented photographer but I fear that i'd look oily and scarred and certainly not my best on the day.

That will compromise our family pictures!

And I really hate having to Photoshop those flaws away.


Hopefully my skin clears a little after i've had my period already... which should really come asap too, it's some ten days due!

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Anonymous said...

Oo, i understand. minsan na rin ako mag-bloghop kasi super busy na. by the way, my acne is also coming back. not to mention that i'm losing hair!! kainis! so, sis you're not alone.