Thursday, September 11, 2008

Losing Weight Post-Partum

Before embarking on a quest for diet pills that work post-partum, a mother shoould know that breastfeeding already goes a long way in helping get her back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Seriously.

Of course, certain body parts will sag and be lumpy at first (except your boobies), which you'd really have to tone later, when you are already allowed to really exercise. My tummy wouldn't ever be flat anymore, I guess, but after losing forty pounds, it seemed flat to me (and everyone).

Too bad I gave in to the return of my cravings so i've gained some twelve pounds back, and all in my tummy area (so yeah, am now sporting a preggy-looking pouch again, and it jiggles).

But the point is, breastfeeding is also best for losing weight and keeping the weight off. My son's milk intake has lessened since he started taking solids which meant, I couldn't eat as much anymore because i'm also not burning as many calories in milk production.

Diet and exercise also helps. And yes, in time, maybe even a diet pill when you've weaned your baby.

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