Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommies and Security

I know fathers are always bent on providing for their family. But I find that it's really the women who are adamant about security, their own and their kids'. So we're more likely to be the ones reviewing life insurance rates, education plans, credit card incentives and the ones more likely to keep an expense log.

Some Moms I know even maintain cash flow statements for their families. I also actually do, but I update it every three months or so.

And I know Moms like to shop but I also know for a fact that we're also big on savings. And medical insurance. And knowing where to get the money for bills and anticipated expenses. Our financial forecasting is legendary.

Which is why most Moms, though they'd really rather stay at home to raise their own kids firsthand, would opt to continue working because they like having a say in the cash in-flow, and do not want to be at the mercy of a one-income family and all the risks of being one.

So, although I am a SAHM, I really feel for those Moms whose hearts ache every morning as they leave their cuties behind. And I thank God everyday that I can enjoy my situation, that I am privileged to do so.

But that's not to say I don't deal with my own security issues. But generally... we have covered the more important bases.

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