Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mommy Makeover

Normal, average women usually let themselves go at the latter stages of pregnancy. After all, who cares anymore about looking good when you're not feeling good anymore, no matter what you do, from all the edema and heaviness of the baby and the waddling when you walk, and the lack of sleep and Braxton Hicks...

I can go on and on and on.

And normal, average women also don't care about their appearance after their baby is born, because the hormones come crashing and the baby needs feeding and diapering and comforting and singing to. Usually, we're just too exhausted emotionally and physically to pay attention to our looks.

But we do wake up from the stupor that is post-partum depression and start getting makeovers. I started with pedicures and hair spa. Then two months from delivery, I srtated getting massages again... Six months after, I started using derm products on my face again for my stubborn, post-adolescent acne (which went away when I was preggy, sigh). Then I finally agreed to a hair rebond.

Baby steps, all of these, to making sure I don't look washed out and pitiful. I'm even slowly overhauling my wardrobe and buying sexy outfits again (instead of frumpy wifely/motherly fashion).

I have yet to get my body scrub though. And i've agreed to get some nail art done for my son's birthday.

Celebrities get highlights, lifts and tucks, liposuction and botox and even new breasts. Had I the money, i'd probably still opt for weekly massages since I keep forgetting to schedule appointments.

Anyway, how about you, how did your post-partum mommy makeover go?

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