Monday, September 1, 2008

Mompreneurs, do your research!

I know of moms who have turned into entrepreneurs, especially those who have quit their jobs to stay at home most of the time to spend more time with their babies. But with the economic problems affecting our nation, we're all inclined to seek part-time jobs and sidelines to make the family's budgeting and planning a little easier for us. After all, the less resources you have, the harder the budgeting and planning can be.

Anyway, the W@Wies I knew (who are N@Wies now) who are mompreneurs can do their research at a familiar place, or rather, event. The Wedding Expo in Manila would be a fabulously fun venue to see what's selling like hotcake and how they can improve their own services according to what's trendy and hip right now. Besides, Moms are the best people (biased opnion, I know) to cut costs without sacrificing quality and aesthetics, so they're sure to find ways to provide the same services/wares (or similar) at cheaper prices.

Hopefully, i'd see you Moms there!

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