Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Make-ups

Sisters at N@W have recently talked about make-up, the must-haves and even lessons. Some have shared tips on what works best for them, which foundation lasts, and the touch-ups that really brighten up one's face.

And just like paint, there is even airbrush make-up these days, which supposedly looks more natural. Or mineral make-up. Of course, I am clueless as to what those are but I was reminded that I need to buy new ones for myself. My pressed powder/foundation is over a year old already, same with the two lipsticks I use.

I'm thinking of buying eyeliners and shadows but know that am not really going to use those most of the time, especially since I seldom go out nowadays. Heck, I even use my son's anti-rash baby powder most of the time (and his colognes and lotions too).

Well, I think I can use a good concealer too.

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