Monday, September 22, 2008

On Stretch Marks

First of all, expecting Moms should face the facts. Stretch marks is a fact of pregnancy. It cannot be prevented nor can it be removed (the most is, it can be improved and lightened). Factors affecting just how horrid it will be include skin elasticity, genetics, diet, weight gain, environment and lifestyle.

They say, Vitamin E-rich lotions help. Some swear by the use of virgin coconut oil, some swear by cocoa body butter.

I opted for lots of lotion and cocoa body butter. And I used Body Shop's and Palmer's. If truth be told, I prefer Body Shop's. It is more expensive but it really gives one a smoother, softer skin within days of use. Plus, it's more spreadable and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. And it beats Palmer's scent by a mile.

So, if a Mom asks me how best she can pamper herself, i'd really suggest she invest on Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter. She'd feel and smell delicious in no time, which would be small consolation but consolation just the same, for the trying times of raising kids.

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