Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Personalized Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and one of the things Moms usually take charge of is shopping for all the Christmas presents, from gifts to nieces and nephews to your kids' teacher or crush (and yes, they're sometimes one and the same).

Can Christmas gifts come in the form of personalized gifts as well? Of course, they can! One idea i've thought of, a spin off really of dressing up your kids' textbooks, is giving away books to all and personalizing these by dressing them up in their own digiscrapped covers. Just use the recipient's own picture, or wordart of a fave quote from the book, or your dedication fluorished with swishes and curls for the cover. And you don't really have to design 100 different covers, you can just design a template and edit it accordingly for each recipient.

Take advantage of book sales and Booksale for cheaper-priced books... and spread good cheer and reading for the Holidays.


Tina said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the tip =) said...

I already got my hubby his personalized Christmas gift, but I got it the lazy way by just ordering online from Things Remembered.

My kids have been really into starting plants from popcorn kernals though. I thought maybe personally made gifts could include houseplants started from seed by the kids. Some scientific learning, hands-on fun and special (inexpensive) gifts to give. Maybe they could handpaint the pots they give their plants in too... Think I've got my idea going now.

Thanks for being the 'seed' of my ideas here - my idea came to me while I was reading your blog!