Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post-Partum Angelina

It's being reported that Angelina has required medical attention from exhaustion over her twins.

For one, I really don't believe that they don't get all the help they need, mainly because they can afford it. But I also believe that Angelina Jolie tries to be as hands on as she can. She's one of the few celebs who I really think takes care of her kids, and not just uses them as fodder for paparazzi pics. And since she has six kids already, ages seven years old and below, i'd actually have been more surprised to see reports of her just cruising along through all of their demands.

Plus, I know how exhausting breastfeeding is. And how not all babies got to read the manual on sticking to schedules. Multiply that by two and post-partum depression is likely to get doubled as well.

I remember, during the first two months, I cried lots. Mind you, I still cry sometimes. But even then or now, despite all the exhaustion and bitterness, I really wouldn't want to not be a Mom again.

I love being Mom. I always wanted to be a Mom.


may I direct you to what I thought the best thing is about being a Mom?

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