Friday, September 19, 2008

Pregnancy Glow

I battled with acne all my life, and it seems the only acne cure that will really work well for me was to get pregnant.

Yes, I enjoyed the pregnancy glow. My hair was shinier and more manageable. My skin became less flawed and more clear. Good for me, really, because the pregnancy mask is not always wonderful for all pregnant women. Heck, sometimes, they even vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. And no, it's also not even true that it automatically follows that clearer skin means you're having a girl, and blotchy skin with acne and warts mean you're having a boy (because I had a boy and I looked the most beautiful when I was preggy, but my Mom looked all kinds of fugly when she was having my younger sister).

And yes, regardless of whether you look better or not, hormones are the culprit.

And it is actually quite sad to only look glowing when you're pregnant, because ultimately, your hormones sort themselves out and you get back to your natural look. Most of the warts and acne disappear within two months or so after the delivery, so some mommies shouldn't be alarmed or that terribly concerned.

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