Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Raising Son: Not-so-Urgent But Important

I am seriously having issues with time management and juggling time between my son and my schoolwork.

I actually have the option of standing my ground and letting him be attended to by my cousin every afternoon so I can do what I have to do. But that might also require me to leave the house everyday because when he sees me, he involves me. I get distracted with all the diapering/changing, feeding, running after him, playing with him, watching cartoons with him and teaching him tricks stuff that I cannot concentrate at all on schoolwork. Try reading "Teacher Education Guidelines: Using Open and Distance Learning" with a cute baby toddling up to you, to kiss you, or show you the latest thing he's put in his mouth.


Generally, I do get to study at night... but pulling an all-nighter affects my temper during the day. Plus, it just really doesn't do to be tired and sleepy when you have to attend to a toddler. That's just inviting accidents.

Anyway, some might say that playing with my son isn't a very urgent thing right now. And that would be true. But playing with him is a very important thing. Not doing so undermines the principle behind me quitting my job to stay home for him. Plus, he'd only be this sweet and cute for a short period of time... already, he is becoming less and less needy.

I know I should try harder to manage my time. But in my heart of hearts, I als know it wouldn't be, it shouldn't be, at the expense of my time with my son.


h. said...

maybe school can wait?

i wanted to finish what i started, i've 5 more subjects to go before i get that graduate degree. but since i'm working, i won't be able to effectively manage my time. with maia, work and school.

for me, baby's the priority. :-) but since i can't let go of work. school has to take the back seat. awol na nga ako for two years, i wonder whether i could return pa.

Anonymous said...

how abotu taking a lighter load in school?

Mommyluscious said...

I understand sis! I have to lock myself in my room to get anything done. But lately i've been leaving the door open so Oona can come in and check me out. Whatever it is i'm doing shouldn't be at the expense of her fleeting childhood. Her laughter and delight is much too precious to lock out!