Thursday, October 16, 2008

Archiving is a Mom Thing

Moms can be anal about archiving, documenting and backing up files. I am more so. Just the thought of losing all or any of the pictures we've taken of my son absolutely terrifies me.

So I always make sure I back up all files. And I don't delete any pictures yet in our compact flash cards, or SD cards or micro sd (from phones) until I make sure i've saved them in at least three places (a desktop, a laptop and our MyBook). Talk about obsessive-compulsive behavior.

I am lazy about a lot of things but never about backing up pics. It's already a blessing that they're all digital files now so I need not keep boxes of pictures and negatives. I hope someday to digiscrap some of them, and that my son will appreciate that he had a lot of pictures growing up. It could, at least, remind him how much he was loved ever since.

I just hope other Moms are as OC :)

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