Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cried Last Night

I'm sure many moms have one or two similar experiences. My son was being uber exuberant again and was carrying a big ball in front of him when he tripped. He fell forward and the ball he was carrying made him bounce backwards.

It was all slow motion for me, watching him fall backwards from where I was lying down. I heard the thud of head on floor even before it happened. In my mind, I was sure I would see blood. Or that my son would be unconscious.

I insisted that it was his hardest fall ever (and my son has this habit of falling and bumping his head, no matter how closely we watch him) but my husband assures me it wasn't.

Still, for a moment there, I thought something seriously wrong has happened... that it might evenb result in a loss.

I cried.

I'm now very, very scared and traumatized.

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