Monday, October 27, 2008

An Exasperated Mom... Sometimes

One hour before we went home from my in-laws, three people were already shrieking and telling my son that he's stressing them, namely: hubs, mother-in-law and sis-in-law. Me, I was grinning for having them worry over my son instead of me for a change. Of course, they were also tripping on things in their rush to avert accidents for my son (falling off steps and chairs, slipping while running, knocking his head on a wall and putting everything in his mouth, to name a few).

He also likes using chairs and bar stools as sort of stilts or steps.

And he's taken to plucking the hangings from our Christmas tree and chewing on them. And walking off a bed without minding the edge (which he used to do, but it seems its more fun seeing if anything will catch his fall).

He does all these things, most times... which leaves me exasperated sometimes. Sometimes, I find I have the grace to actually find it cute or feel sentimental (awww, he'd only be one year old for a short time!). Sometimes, others are already stressed over him for me (my Mom, for example, gets reduced to a shrieking, nervous wreck when they converge in one place).

I've already thought of a more apt adjective for my son... better than saying he's a handful or he's spirited. I've forgotten the word though.

I just hope I don't ever forget this time though... and never crush his spirit.

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