Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Dinners Saves Kids

It was on Readers Digest that I first read of the study (and its results) made on family dinners (and conversations at the dinner table) and its effect on children development. Basically, the finding was that family dinners keep communication lines open and saves kids from delinquency and depression.

Imagine being able to save your kid from ever going into an alcohol rehab, or succumbing to peer pressure that lands him in serious trouble, or being able to give him reasons to say YES to education and a bright future. Imagine not ever having to send the child you raised to a drug treatment center. All by just having dinner with him/them most nights of the week. All by just bonding and gabbing over food. All by just getting them to pitch in with the food preparation and cooking.

Certainly not too much to ask, that is, unless you're dirt poor and having something to eat is already a huge challenge, what more the luxury of having time to sit down and bond.

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