Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home for those in my Heart

Hubs has attended a Pag-Ibig talk regarding home loans. So we're now contemplating on really looking at properties and studying mortgage quotes and what-not.

Anyway, i've always dreamed of a big house. Not a grand one, mind you, but a big one. With a big yard. And not because I want (or that am eager) to tend to a garden, but because i've always envisioned MY kids to be playing in our own yard.

The dream has always been me on a porch watching over kids at play in a yard. Now it actually sounds like a tall order, given that kids in the city play with gaming consoles and in arcades, but then again, i've also vowed to banish any child of mine to a childhood lived outdoors. I just think playing where the sun actually sees you should be an integral part of all childhoods.

So I know i'll have a yard someday.

And a home.

But if truth be told, my silent wish would always be, for my spouse and kids to think that home is where Mommy is.

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