Tuesday, October 14, 2008

House Bill for Workplace Breastfeeding

There is currently a House Bill that encourages breastfeeding at the workplace. If passed into law, it will offer tax deductions to companies that encourage and support breastfeeding (maybe through breastfeeding timeouts or stations?).

I really hope this will be passed into law. Companies don't even have to provide breastfeeding stations readily, but just a change in attitude, making breastfeeding normal and common and ideal will do more than enough to further the cause of lactivists. Besides, a breastfeeding station is just a nice-to-have. What's really more important is that women can flash or pump without being teased, heckled or oggled at, or scolded for using up electricity and extra water (and maybe fridge space).

I shall really pray for this one. The melamine issue should be reason enough for politicians to jump on this great bandwagon idea for a change.

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