Friday, October 3, 2008

Missing My Music

I lent my mp4 player to my sis before when she went to the US and she went back here without the charger and cables. Since then, I have not had the chance to play DJ for myself.

Now i'm currently considering media players and ipods again. I feel I can afford an hour or two of personal music time without fearing that my son will cry and I won't hear it. I couldn't really play music out loud before because it disturbs my son's sleep (instead of lulling him and keeping him asleep) and that has gotten to be a habit.

But now... i'm missing the heartbreak songs and oldies that are dear to my heart. And my son already knows other ways to catch my attention. So maybe this Mommy can ask for a new media player? A 30 gb Creative Zen wouldn't be bad but I also actually don't like anything bulky anymore.

Oh wait... my cellphone can play mp3s. Maybe I should start with that first and not just use it for texting and calling. Hehe.

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