Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Mother Cramming

A sick mother can be pretty useless sometimes. But since this is the week before my son's party, I had to grit my teeth and brave heat and humidity and rain to finish all my errands.

I went back to Chocolate Lover yesterday for last-minute additional supplies (because SIL intended to pipe icing on the cupcakes and I couldn't let her shoulder the ingredients when she's doing most of the baking) and was annoyed that they have increased their prices on the ingredients I wanted.

I also went to Divisoria to buy cheap plastic loot bags because it wasn't working out with the brown paper bag idea I originally wanted.

And then I had a great allergic rhinitis attack last night... and all alone with my son all day today while groggy with the meds. Hopefully, I can be productive tomorrow and on Friday.

Needless to say, the candies I was going to give away melted some... so am not sure if I can still use them or they'd be too sticky to repackage.


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