Saturday, October 18, 2008

Parking and Carports

Am sure, many harassed moms have wished for carports everywhere to be a little more protected from the elements, and that there's some magical way somehow for parking to never be a problem ever again.

Especially when one is carting a baby, a stroller and a baby bag (heaven knows all the little things one must have handy end up weighing a ton all the time!). Oftentimes, when I go out, I end up realizing that I haven't got an extra hand for my shopping at all. So I either leave the baby behind or end up making more trips with the baby in tow. Grocery shopping become three-afternoon affairs.


So yes, I am among those many parents who find parking more of a hassle now that I have a baby. Few garages and parking areas are close enough, cool enough, or close enough.

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Anonymous said...

I have 4 children and I never really used a stroller in the supermarket and like you, I usually shop without the maid. If there is anything I like to use, I use the babycarrier. I found a good one from Chicco in Megamall. I can still push the cart and shop while my baby is sleeping (or even awake) in the carrier. And like you, I only frequent places that are not crowded and provides safe parking lots like Shang, Podium
(masikip and parking but you can find good ones if you come early), SM Hypermarket, S&R and even Makro.