Thursday, October 9, 2008

Post-Partum Weight Loss

Before working on losing weight post-partum, mommies should keep in mind that they have to recover first from the pregnancy and the delivery (especially if it was a C-section, which is still a major surgery). Hormone levels will be crashing down so even the best diet pills might not work as efficiently since your chemical makeup is still normalizing.

One other thing mommies have to remember is that they'd easily lose between ten to twenty pounds just from the delivery. The baby, after all, weighed several pounds not to mention the amniotic fluids. And then, because you'll be adjusting to late nights and really losing sleep, you'd lose more weight!

Plus, breastfeeding is a mother's friend in terms of losing weight fast.

So if you didn't gain so much weight to start with, you may not even need to have a diet and exercise regimen. I lost forty pounds and more effortlessly in the first six months after I delivered, so I even went back to my pre-wedding weight. Alas, when the baby started eating solids and thus didn't nurse as much, I started gaining back the weight.

But really, recover first from all the difficulties pregnancy and an addition to the family put you through. Do not stress yourself over weight loss.

Just don't binge on unhealthy food though.

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