Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Advocates Are So Hilarious (or weird)

PETA is supposedly pressuring Ben and Jerry's to start using human breastmilk for their ice cream to alleviate cow suffering. And Heather Mills has signed on with them.

Can you say, major ewww?

Breastfeeding your own babies is one thing... and a really important thing at that... and breast milk supplied to people with cancer and sick babies, why not? Heck, even Marcos' daily intake of this liquid gold isn't bizarre, but PETA's new cause certainly is.

Obviously, they really don't expect the ice cream giant to switch. Not only would the production costs quadruple, the administrative side of managing hormonal women (and breastfeeding Moms still are!) will be a nightmare!

So it's a laugh, really, but what is the point of trying to make a point by going the ludicrous way?

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Panaderos said...

The folks at PETA ought to get a life. I think they value animal life more than human life. If so, they all need to have their heads examined.

Happy 1st Birthday to your baby boy. Balita ko may party mamaya. Paki-remind si you-know-who na ikain din ako. Hehehe Take care and have fun! :)