Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bikini Wax While Pregnant

It may be bad of me to sort of undermine other women's concerns... especially those who are pregnant. After all, we have our own issues and Waterloos, all aggravated by hormones during pregnancy.

But this is one of those pregnancy concerns that can't help but have me wrinkling my brow and saying "WTF!"

And true, since it's never been my habit to get waxed down there (since am allergic to weird things, I dare not risk the wax), maybe it's really the opposite for some women... they feel "naked" when they're more natural. But really, I should think the fact of pregnancy brings about more important concerns and realities.

Like the fact that you're playing host to a life which you're responsible for... which should make you want to avoid anything that might threaten it (and believe me, waxing CAN invite infections aside from ingrown hair).

And the fact that pregnancy hormones may get you hornier, but also make your skin more sensitive.

And should we really discuss how you'd handle pain down there while you're being waxed? Aside from having to expose yourself and who knows what you'll do as the strips are being pulled off! (I mean, do you suck in your tummy? how?)

Like what I posted in a message board... unless one intends to keep her husband administering oral loving to her till she's dealing with lochia and post-partum blues, I really don't see the wisdom of wanting or getting waxed. If your belly is huge, the bush-free va-j-j won't really be seen, right?

And just in case there are women out there who think that when they give birth, they'll be shaved to the quick... be assured that no, the most is they will shave you for a clearer view but that's it. They don't need your flower to be hair-free to sew up episiotomies. (They just need the baby not to be gagging on hair balls! hehe... joke) Some even don't require the shave.

So just trim... with the help of a mirror or by having your spouse help you. Other than this, do not mess with your hair down there.

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