Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good Only for Milk

Left my son for most part of the day yesterday and he didn't once sign (ask) for milk. My cousin and sister said he was just happy as a lark eating and playing, and even managed to nap for a straight two hours (usually, it's reprieve enough to get him sleeping for an hour)! I didn't leave him any milk, see.

But the minute I arrive, he signals for milk and napped again while nursing. After waking him, he immediately continued playing and didn't even bother Mommy at the PC.

I'm only good for nursing, but even that has become an afterthought for him. Sniff. And he's only a year and a month old but already, it's like he's weaned. Sniff.


On a funny occurrence though, I let my son walk around without diapers because he pooped an hour before I was due to wash him for bedtime. He pissed on the corner of his pen... and then he pissed again on the floor and played with his piss there. Wehehehe.

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