Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mommy, Pet Please

One of the first words my son immitated is the word DOG. And although he can't really talk that distinctly yet, we know when he's 'talking' about one... when he's just seen one on the road or in a book. He just loves them! Even an upset, nervous, incessantly barking one doesn't scare him off.

In fact, he's always eager to hug one... however mangy or angry the dog is.

So my husband has been trying to get me to agree to getting one and some dog supplies. Sigh.

But despite the delight in my son's eyes whenever he sees one, I still really cannot allow for him to have one just yet. I want him to be responsible for his own pet, not Mommy. And he's a handful enough as it is, without me having to deal with yet another needful being dependent on my caring.

Maybe when he's five, we can re-negotiate.

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