Friday, November 14, 2008

Parents and Careers

Parenthood cannot help but rearrange priorities for us.

And sometimes, we feel emboldened to take bigger career risks. Sometimes, however, we realize that slowing down is what we really need, or want. And then, for others, parenthood opens doors to bright ideas and entrepreneurship, one that wouldn't require much time away from home.

And then there are those who take a break away from the corporate world only to return to it after a year or two, feeling refreshed, or less guilty, or having realized that staying home isn't for them. Of course, they may need to check out Austin resumes for some idea on what the world is looking for now, and be willing to start from scratch.

Still, whether parents have held the same job for decades or had a, or several, career change, I just hope they still make it a priority to be involved in their children's lives, even if it may mean having a child help out in the family store.

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