Sunday, November 9, 2008

What to Give Hubby

Husbands have it easy. There are so many things out there they can give their wives as presents. There's food (desserts), jewelry, spa certificates, money (or a new bank account), insurance, trips, etc. aside from all the other girly (flowers, chocolates) and practical (washing machine, steam iron) stuff.

But what's a stay-at-home-Mom to give her techie, geeky husband? Wallets and clothes and belts are as commonly given as Victorinox swiss army watches. I can't really afford the gadgets he lusts for and who knows if we'd ever own a brand new car?

Maybe i'll just give him another child. I can't think of other things as priceless... but then again, he might complain because it would be additional financial obligation for him. Hehe.

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* said...

What about treating him out for a dinner date? :)