Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Divi, A Mom-on-a-Budget's Friend

I've been to Divisoria twice to shop for our nieces, nephews and godchildren's gifts. And because we're strapped for cash right now (what with the one-income setup), I have limited my budget per child to P100 or less for none-godchildren and P200 for godkids.

That way, even if we end up giving these kids money, we'd still not end up overspending on them.

And Divisoria is a haven for moms like me. There are so many toys there (one can get lost in Ading's Toy Store for hours) that one can buy that is sure to deliver giggles of happiness from a child. Loot for loot bags an also be bought cheap there, so yeah, it's also real easy to go overbudget because of all the good, cheap buys.

And really, the crowd is very manageable. Maybe it's because I go on Wednesdays and start in the morning... or maybe the night market also helps.

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