Monday, December 29, 2008

Mommy Gratified

I'm such a rewarded, appreciated, acknowledged Mum. Gratified to the hilt because my husband thinks, and tells me, that am doing a good job raising our son.

Had we been living in New York, i'd probably buy him New York Yankees tickets just to show him in turn how much I appreciate his involvement in the whole parenting process.

And our son is a testament to just how much we have both been committed to raising him. He adores us both and is such a happy, healthy child. I love that he's generally eating and sleeping healthy, and is playful and engaging and very sweet. It's only been a year, I know, but it's been one great year parenting him.

I just hope I keep being up to the challenge. And that I continue getting all the validation I need to keep going.

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Anonymous said...

Very nicce!