Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Year, I Learned

Motherhood brings with it a lot of lessons, some of which you don't really want to learn (like washing a poop-ridden tush).

But I believe one can pretty much categorize all those lessons under two major themes: 1) how much more you understand where your own mother/parents were coming from and how limitless your capacity to give of yourself can be.

This year has seen me lose more marbles than my last ten years. But it has also been a very illuminating ride for me, one that made me realize how much I should be grateful for, and how many things I do not really need or want or care about.

I wish I can say i'm less selfish now... but at least I can say it is actually harder to be selfish because I have been changed in such a big way.


There was a procession of sorts in our barangay. They call it the Tatarin (but it didn't resemble anything of the movie) and they said those who wanted to get pregnant should dance under the piñata-like thingies that are opened to shower the procession with flower petals. Well, I was a bit embarassed about doing that but I danced some with my son in my arms while watching the procession. Hopefully, that, coupledwith the massage I got earlier, will prime me up for conception asap.

It would be such an honor, such a blessing, to be deemed worthy of another child.


Happy New Year everyone!

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